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Situated at  2 Harbeck Street in Heyfield and open to the public the 1st Saturday of the month.
We meet the 1st Monday of the month at the Heyfield Community Resource Centre.
Every month we hope to put a  photo of “historical Heyfield” into the Heyfield News from our collection. We may need your help with identification or it will just be for your interest.

Click here to have a look at this month’s photographs

HeyfieldTurfClubThe Heyfield & District Historical Society (in the old Fire Brigade Building behind the Chinese Cafe) recently revamped their display of artifacts and memorabilia connected to the Heyfield Turf Club.
Photos from the Skeels photographic collection have been enlarged and framed, and new articles from the Re-enactment held in 1991 are on  display as well as items from the early 1900s.


We are open THIS Saturday from 10 – 12.30, just diagonally across the road from the St. James market. Entry is FREE – come and have a browse.

The Heyfield & District Historical Society has a unique display of Christmas and New Year Cards on show  this month. They are part of a collection of memorabilia kindly donated to the Museum by Teresa O’Keefe, a relative of Kate and Nell Kenevan.

The cards are over 100 years old and are a riot  of colours – some are homemade, others bought, all are quite stunning in their own way.

The Heyfield Museum is situated in the old Fire Station behind the Chinese cafe. It is open between 10am – 1pm the first Saturday of every month (to co-incide with the Heyfield market). We  welcome new items to borrow for display so if you have something noteworthy to Heyfield we’d enjoy  hearing from you. Items would be on a 3 – 4 month loan.We wish you a happy Christmas and see you next year.



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